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"It really is all about, I.  My name is Shannon, I am 45 years young (now).  I am in week 12 of “Getting to the Root”, I am now awake, present, truly filled with happiness and I am now looking forward.

"I have spent much of my life boxing what I couldn’t fix and putting it on the shelf.  Ihad got to the point where Iguessed I believed “this is as good as it gets”. I have spent my life professionally and privately building a strong physical body; Fitness & Wellness Director, personal trainer, instructor, competitive swim coach and Military Police officer.  It seemed to be the only way to find any peace and strength.  And, this seemed to work if I stayed so busy and exhausted that I didn’t have time to be alone with myself.  I had tried traditional counseling, anti-depressants and self-help books.   I started praying and meditated on my own desperate for a sign, Ineeded direction, something! anything!   And, there she was- Kat. I will never forget it, no words were spoken but I heard, “I have been here waiting for you”.

"In 12 weeks, every week Igained a brighter-stronger me. I transformed from struggling everyday emotionally from past wounds, to an awakened, happy, excited soul.  Colors are more vivid, my thoughts are clearer, life feels alive all around me.  I am physically stronger, running faster with less effort.  

"This program is “sooooul perfect”!  I have learned, Iabsolutely need to visit my old wounds, sadness, confussion, and the hurt I was not even aware I had in your heart and soul.  I can heal and grow.  There is no timer that rings after 60 minutes. I truly feel Kat’sdedication, I can feel her commitment to my healing process. 

'I am grateful. I honestly can say there are not enough words in the Webster to describe this experience.  And, no escape vacation will compare.                                 

"If you are reading this, it is probably the “sign” you have been looking for.     Trust. Heal. Live."

Submitted by Shannon L. September 2018



"Before my first session with Kat, I was very anxious and full of guilt. Anxiety was taking over my life and I had no clue how to deal with it. Kat’s spiritual healing sessions have helped me pin point the reasons for these feelings and have helped me realize that I know longer need to carry them with me in my life. I feel more confident and am learning to love myself. With every session, I feel like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders. Kat truly has a beautiful gift and I am so happy she is guiding me on this life changing journey. "

Submitted by Amy C. August 2018



"Hello My name is Suzanne Amsbaugh Aziz. I would love to share my experience with you from working with Kat Meissner.  

I worked with my 1 st meditation teacher expert in 1988  and have worked with 6  others meditation experts over the years untill 2017 when I met Kat.,.. I have gathered valuable information that has helped to heal and clam my mind and body over the years.  Meditation has become part of my daily routine. Working with Kat has had the most astounding effects on my body. I have worked with her for 3 months. She has an amazing gift to weed through the bologna and get to the root cause that is holding you back in healing. After working with her for one month I had injury in my wrist for 2 years and all of a sudden it's spontaneously healed. I also had an injury in my ankle where I dislocated it and had ligament and tendon damage and then that also healed. My overall wellness has improved.

"While in Kat's program every week I look forward to our meditation and classes.... I never want to miss it as I always feel so fabulous after class. For me it's like a trip to heaven and back. I tell everyone working with Kat is like working with steroids. The healing is fast , efficient , painless and so amazing for the mind and body.  I shared the physical gifts I received and there is more. People everywhere are treating me extra special with lots of love and respect. I keep receiving so many gifts and kindness from strangers. I have my own business and more clients and money are flowing in .The other interesting fact is my husband and I have become closer. He has always been very appreciative and he has become even more appreciative of me , gift after gift keeps coming... I am so thankful I meet Kat. She has changed my life to be more bountiful in every way💜She is a true healer.

"I feel very special and super thankful. It is the best gift I have given myself in a while. I am so excited to take my healing to the next level . I just signed up for part two of her program.
If you have any questions you may contact me." Submitted by Suzanne Amsbaugh Aziz August 2017



"Working with Kat has changed my life for the positive in so many ways but my fears were where she truly helped me. Besides feeling energetically calmer today, I am living a life with minimal fears. Working with Kat, my fears revealed themselves one by one. Some fears I knew of and some fears I was incredibly blown away I never knew I was holding. I learned how my fears have been stopping me from believing  my true worth in this world. I learned they were literally dictating subconsciously my responses in everyday life decisions. Today, I feel so incredibly powerful, liberated and powerful. Many layers of what I call unhealthy beliefs have been released and an excited new beliefs have been created that will help me fulfill my life's purpose. Thank you beautiful Kat!!! Your truly are the!!! Denise Barragan submitted August 2017



"Working with Kat has given me a new outlook on life. One of which I always knew was there but couldn't access. I am more sure of myself. I have the answers now, where I couldn't find before. I am at peace with who I am and accept me for me now."  D.T. submitted August 2017



"Before beginning my training with Kat I thought I was pretty much like most folks out there, normal with a few hang-ups, idiosyncrasies and insecurities, and I was right…what I didn’t realize, however, was how it was affecting my every day life and decision making.  Over the period of just a few months I was able to discover the root causes of my hang-ups, etc. and healed them through Kat’s sessions.  

"Kat’s program has been a truly healing experience, and as a result I have been able to let go of many long held insecurities and hang-ups allowing me to be happier and more at ease with others, myself, and life in general.  I did not realize how great the “new” normal could be with just a little healing!  Thank you Kat!!" submitted by G.S. July 2017



"Love,  love, love working with Kat. She helped me reconnect to my grandmother whose source of poverty and pride that I didn't know stemmed from there so deeply.  I am still enjoying the tremendous breakthrough from that one unlock." M.V. submitted August 2017



 "Awareness of my self limiting beliefs and how I was able to change my mindset through the release of core beliefs that no longer serve me has been tremendous.  Equally powerful is the release of my physical pain by coming to an awareness of  my deep seated emotional pain that I have chosen to ignore only to have it manifest in over eating and over spending.  I have learned to love myself "as is", delighting in the perfection of my imperfection.  I feel free to let my voice be heard and be unapologetic Me. I have been able to declutter and purge things that no longer served me from low vibration energy, thoughts to the collection of old lipstick tubes, nail polish bottles and the wardrobe in multiple sizes. C.L submitted August 2017 




"Kat, that meditation was transforming to me...I feel free , light, and more focused. I also feel super positive about 2017 it is a very good feeling...I also had an injury that felt about 80 percent better the next day after our meditation.That release we did was huge and old things, that happened to me that have been popping up ... I have been working on releasing more ..." submitted by S.A. on January 6, 2017



“My experience with Kat of KGM Awakening

“What did I get from my session with Awakening?  I have had shamanic sessions with Kat Meissner  previously.   She had helped me understand that the physical pain I had in my legs and knees was linked to emotional anger.   The sessions helped.   I tried to relax more.  The pain persisted and I was still pretty angry.

“In the summer of 2016, Kat invited my wife and I to another session..  This was my first session with  Kat and the stargate.    The stargate session is intense.    I went into a dreamlike state though still very conscious.   Waves of  energy flowed through my body and I saw colors.   I also for the first time was able to confront my anger.  It was like talking to another person but actually I was talking to myself.    I understood for the first time where my anger came from and that my life  had been following a script written by that anger.   I realized that there was no need to keep following the anger – I could write any ending I wanted.  So I said goodbye to the anger.    After the stargate session I can say I am at peace.    The pain in the knees is gone and the leg pain is  reduced.   More importantly I have a better understanding about my life – what I was trying to accomplish with the anger,  what I accomplished and how I am satisfied with the outcome. 

“I have  read about “mindfulness.”   I never really understood it until the end of the stargate session.    “Mindful” to me is keeping thoughts in the present.
This is diffficult to do if you worry about the past and are anxious about the future like I used to be.  I learned to put aside a lot of the emotional garbage
I inherited and realized that  what I do now  links the  past and future. Being “mindful” to me  is  a dialog where  present actions communicate with the past and present, for me and the people around me.  As a person trying to be more “mindful,” I learned that this communication begins with being able to communicate with myself.   This is what I got from Awakening. “ submitted by Nelson Nagai on December 28, 2016


"I have always been into personal development and believe it’s a part of one’s wellness.  So, meeting Kat I was excited to find out how she helps those who want to help themselves.  When Kat explained to me that she helps people release blockages they have preventing them from becoming financially wealthy, I was intrigued. However, when I found out about her net worth, I was more than intrigued I wanted to know more.  Kat scheduled a private session with me and we met on zoom which was super convenient for I never had to leave the comfort of my own home.  Kat explained to me that she would be guiding me through a meditation and I closed my eyes and we began.  As she talked to me, I felt safe and relaxed the entire time.  I can honestly say, I have a great relationship with my parents but we all carry some kind of baggage from our childhood and sure enough Kat tapped into this part of me.  She helped me release an anger I was carrying for both my parents.  I was angry with my father because I inherited a family belief that was not mine and I was angry with my mother for not having enough time to love me.  When the anger was released, I immediately felt lighter.  There was heaviness in my heart that I been carrying for years and after the meditation the heaviness was gone.  I opened my eyes in disbelief of what I just experienced and wanted to do it again so much that I immediately signed up for her 3 month program.  Thanks Kat!!!! Can’t wait to see what else you are going to uncover for me!" submitted by D.B. December 19, 2016




"You are awesome Kat.  Tonight when Kat guided me in meditation to release the blockage related to money, I met my mother, who confirmed that she gave me all the love she could in the situation we had, and I could understand and feel that she really meant it. It was so liberating when the archangel Michael came to help her into the light.

 “Then I met my father, he told me something that I had believed since childhood, that he had to sacrifice his life for me to come to life…this was not true…he said he was done with this life and it was his time to move on.  I told him I got a nice gift from him, the gift of life, that there is something greater than what we can see with the naked eye, even now, the archangel Michael comes to help my father go to light.  I could feel a sense of calm and peace in the body, and everything was so beautiful.   Suddenly, Kat says there is someone who wants to come forward and I welcomed it as it appeared and that Jesus with warm, loving, light purple energy.  It bathed me in love and it becomes even stronger when Maria (Mother Mary), comes with even more light of love…then I realized that this is exactly what I longed for, to be showered by so much loving energy. Lucky me, this is where I always want to be.

 “When Kat takes me out of the meditation, I realize that it is the love I long for, but also realize that I can choose both--being loved and making money…it is the same energy…how much more fun and easier will my life be then? I felt so safe and relaxed throughout the meditation, and it feels like a heavy backpack has left me.

Thank you powerful, beautiful Kat” submitted by A.C. December 13, 2016



“My journey to contentment, joy, and self acceptance has been a long and torturous one and it had a tough beginning as a child. I was raised to discount and minimize my feelings, thoughts, ideas, and attitudes and even my own self worth. My tears were met with laughter and ridicule...there was much the same for any thoughts or ideas which I might've expressed. So with no validations for my feelings, thoughts, or attitudes, I felt unimportant, not worthy of love or acknowledgement, and even disbelieving any of my own good points.  This caused difficulty in forming close ties or relationships throughout our lifetime.  Kat guided our group on an internal journey...each in his or her own thoughts and feelings, each doing our own healing internally as Kat facilitated outwardly.  After this experience, I was able to see my own actions, thoughts, and behaviors in a new way.  This gave me the understanding and patience to see others who had different degrees of the same wounds that I had.  This allowed understanding myself more completely has continuously been helping me to be supportive and sensitive, not only to myself, but to the needs of others as we all begin to heal. I don't believe there is a cost that can be put on happiness, contentment, and joy and a deeper understanding of self which helps daily.  And every day, this helps our loved ones.  This is what Kat's session did for me, my family, and those with whom I come in contact." submitted by B.N. on December 13, 2016.



"I just had a session with Kat who helped me with 2 HUGE blocks. If you haven't had a session with her yet you need to do it. She is amazing!! It is very safe, she brings in protective energies to help. It is a beautiful guided meditation with such clear visualizations. I was able to clear 2 blocks. 1. fear of the unknown 2. disbelief in myself

"I think I have been carrying these around my whole life and they were just getting bigger and heavier. Now I have released them and I cannot wait to see what happens next!!! Thank you Kat for the work you do, thank you for holding the space for releasing blockages, thank you for your kind, gentle nature. I appreciate you.” submitted by L.V. December 7, 2016



Mai works with entrepreneurial moms to help them take their businesses to the first level of success making $10k a month while having the love of their lives supporting them. She’s been very successful in this business for 20 years and is considered a “coaches’ coach”. For several months, she was stuck and couldn’t release her own blockages around her business--not only building up her business, but attracting clients. These blockages were driving her into the wall she was so stuck. This poor woman tried everything, but to no avail! She felt fearful for her future and whether she’d be able to financially support her retirement at some point…she was fearful if she would be able to provide for her daughter’s future…fearful of ending up in the poor house and that she would deplete her savings and be a burden on her family…she was feeling stuck because life is overwhelming and demanding and was questioning herself if she was making the right investment choices.

 In one session, I helped her to release several blockages and see her self-destructive behaviors that were blocking her from reaching her full potential. Being that the blockage was large, I gave her homework to do…to go deeper into uncovering this. She did write about it briefly, but when I read her homework assignment, I knew she had touched only the surface. Being that she was going to a 4-day meditative retreat, I told her to focus on going deeper and asking for more clarity into the self-destructive behavior. The one session she had with me was enough to unblock her stagnant money energy, so while in route to the 4-day retreat, she received a random call from another coach to attend an event to help her enrich her business. She signed up to go while on the call…at the event she plunked down $100,000 to invest in her herself really, taking it from $250k to a million dollar business.” Submitted by Kat with approval from M.V. December 5, 2016




“Thank you for the session you did for me.  It gave me a lot of deep insights!” submitted by V.L.S. December 5, 2016




“Thank you, Kat, for the incredible gift of the guided meditation.  I went over the mountains and far away, my dragon came and picked me up. My dragon is big, red, orange, yellow and black and have beautiful big eyes. It took me up into the Universe and Galaxy, where there was power, light and beauty. I met with some beings that felt like sprinkles in different colours and they gave me life, hope and play. Then I looked down on earth and saw it surrounded by a big heart. My dragon took my on a flight into the middle of earth and my energy expanded into pure life, with love and hope attached. I felt one with earth.

“Thank you again, Kat, for this amazing experience!” Submitted by A.S. December 1, 2016.  Note:  The client was being shown the vastness of her own possibilities.