Comprehensive Program and Retreats Package

Program Sessions: 

You meet with Kat for each privately guided healing meditation session once a week using video conference technology.  Each session is recorded so you can watch and listen multiple times.  Kat facilitates each session live.  Each session is designed "just in time" around what you need in the moment.   Each week, written homework is assigned and reviewed by Kat following the session to take you deeper into your healing.  

Comprehensive Program and Retreats Package consists of: 

Three (3) 10-week segments and two (2) 1.5 day retreats.  Each segment consists of 10 privately guided healing meditation sessions facilitated by Kat.  Following is the description of each segment:

  • Segment 1:  "Getting to the Root" - The name of this segment says it all.  It focuses on getting to the root of your issues that caused you trauma in the way of pain, deep hurts, and suffering when you were a child.  Sometimes, these root causes were passed down from your parents and from their parents to other words, they're generational.  You gain understanding and begin to release these traumas with forgiveness in this segment.

  • Segment 2:  "Awareness" - This segment identifies your habits and reactions that you may not even be aware of consciously.  However, you developed those habits and reactions from those childhood traumas that affect you today...they show up in the decisions you make or the actions you take in your everyday life.  Life is full of triggers that take you back to those childhood traumas.  Once you gain awareness of your reactions and triggers, you begin to change your reactions.

  • Segment 3:  "The Magic Happens Here" -  This is truly where the magic happens because you changed your released those old released those old fears.  It is here that you realize you are no longer limited by those same childhood traumas.  You see your self worth and your value. You can create the kind of abundance you want in your life.

  • Two 1.5 day healing retreats (includes 3 organic meals and snacks for each retreat).  Room not included.  Retreats are usually held in Kat's home in Carmel, California and will be expanded to include her home in Oxnard, California.  This is a group setting of Kat's past and present clients.  The retreat starts off with a walk on the beach and dinner with the group.  The next day is a full day consisting of 4-5 hours of healing meditations facilitated by Kat.   The atmosphere is relaxed.  These retreats form a community that supports one another on each of our journeys.  There is no judgement here...only love and support for one another.     

Together, the trilogy of program segments and retreats that Kat has designed in this Comprehensive Program will help you to release your fears, your deepest hurts, and your pains that you've carried since childhood.   Don't allow your childhood traumas to limit you from the life and kind of abundance you want.  

If this Comprehensive Program and Retreats Package is of interest to you, please email Kat with any questions you have.   Here is her email: