“I’m Not Good Enough!”

How many of you can identify with: “I’m not good enough”?   It shows up in all kinds of ways and may start out with: “I can’t possibly ...” or “Yours is better than mine”  or “Forget I even brought it up.”

This “not good enough” is a belief you learned in childhood. I see this in my clients all the time so you’re not alone.   

I can help you shift your beliefs about yourself.  You see that you’re no longer that child who was scared and afraid of trying, afraid of making a mistake, afraid of being shamed for making a mistake, so as a result you don’t even try.

In our work together, you realize how much your beliefs about yourself are part of your everyday life.  They show up in your thinking, your decisions, and your reactions in every situation. You become aware that your childhood beliefs have been in the driver’s seat all your life.

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